I can't say enough about Tuppen and their crew. We had a fire and the house had to be replaced except the framing and foundation. They were kind, understanding and compassionate about what we had lost. They offered valuable advice throughout the process. We can't thank them enough for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Would recommend highly!


Following flooding in our house, our insurance broker gave us some restoration companies to contact. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have chosen Tuppen Construction. The work done was very thorough, professional and of high quality. The team was always on time, respectful and extremely hardworking.

Karol was highly organized and able to master any challenge thrown his way. Thank you Tuppen Construction for making our experience a great one. We highly recommend them to everyone.


We bought a house that had a basement design that we didn't really like. I had met about 5 or 6 contractors that gave us estimates. Karol from Tuppen then came by and just seemed more quick, thorough, knew what I was trying to say and had the estimate to me in less than 24 hours.

They started a few weeks later and I must say, they are hard working and clean. We had bad experiences with contractor before with some renovations and home flips - I wished I would have found Tuppen sooner.

Even more important was that I have three small kids in the house and as parents its always a concern to my wife, who's a stay at home mom, as to who is coming and going in the home. I must say, this company is very reliable, respectful, kind, and honest.
They were dollars from their original quote and stayed in budget.


I wish to comment on the excellent service I received recently when my kitchen needed to be renovated from top to bottom. From the moment I contacted Tuppen Construction to the completion of my lovely kitchen.

I have nothing but high praise for the attention to detail, the personalized service, the affordable price & the timely manner in which my kitchen was completed. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a stress free, professional job.


I have dealt with “Tuppen Construction” over many years in the insurance industry and they have worked for several of my clients. The quality of work is superior and their responsiveness to their clients is also excellent.

I would highly recommend this contractor for both small and large home or business renovations.


Overall, Tuppen did an excellent job on the bathroom renovation. The work was completed promptly and with care and attention to detail. The site supervisor answered all of my questions and made sure that everything was completed to my satisfaction. The two men who did most of the work arrived promptly each day and worked hard to complete the work within the allotted time frame. Their work was impeccable.

Susan Hayward   

Following The Flooding In July They Provided the Initial Cleanup and Restoration and Then Worked With the Insurance Adjusters and Did the Restoration.

My Insurance broker sent Tuppen Construction Limited and Karol in particular to help us deal with the immediate results of the disastrous basement flooding in July. They immediately started pulling out carpeting which was stinking to high heaven and brought in fans which provided immediate relief.

They worked to extremely hard to help us sort through what we could rescue and what we could not. From the get go Karol and his crew took quiet control and by doing so elevated a lot of the anxiety we were feeling. They were very thorough and kept a very clean work site.

He/Tuppen helped with providing a detailed document for the Insurance company as to the recovery work that needed to be done. It all took time with dealing with a few different adjusters as the scope of the flooding seemed to leave the Insurance industry scrambling but I felt all along that Tuppen and Karol being the face of Tuppen for me - a reassurance that they would be the ones I would want to do the restoration work. He worked with me to make changes to some of the work that needed to be done and the results are so much more than I could have hoped for.

Their subcontractors are very good too and I have even had people inquiry about their excellent tiler - Jose. My family and I are so very pleased with their professionalism, friendliness and quality of work that I would highly recommend Tuppen and their people to everyone. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Linda Edwards   

Our house got fire damage in 2018. Donna's team from Tuppen Construction Limited, was on site even before the fire fighters put out the fire. Donna and her team immediately helped us to clear and secure the house, and estimated to repair the house.

Donna explained to us and guided us to go through the whole construction period from end to end. Our house was rebuilt so beautiful and the quality is super! Donna has planned and managed all the construction details --- which we don't need worry at all. In comparation, our neighbor has been doing the same repair due to the fire damage by different company -- the owner has been on site day and night, but still a lots of things went to wrong.

We feel very lucky to have Donna's team take care our house. We got a beautiful house back on time before the Covid-19 lock down. We have been enjoying in the new house during this difficult time.

Our appreciations couldn't be written out by words --- the quality of service provided by Tuppen is outstanding. Thanks again to Donna and her team! You are welcome to stop by and have a drink at any time!


This was our second project with Tuppen (The first was a basement reno). The main reasons we chose to go with them again are: their professionalism, work quality, and fair prices.

Their contractors were on time most of the time, they were conscientious of the fact that we had small children and a dog and the finished bathroom looks better than we imagined.
I also liked that they kept us up-to-date throughout the process so we knew what was happening when and had a good understanding of the timelines.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tuppen and they will be our first call if we have another project.


I had a basement flood of up to 8 inches of water after the water tank "retired" rather convincingly. Tuppen Construction was the contracted restoration company and I have to say one thing about them --- amazing.
They repaired all the damage back to the original, used high quality materials that they presented to me before the work was started, their personnel were very professional, informative and hard working, Tuppen promised all a lot of things and they DELIVERED always keeping me in the loop of what was to be done. And it was. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs work done to their property. In conclusion, I am very satisfied with Tuppen.

If anyone needs confirmation please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jerry Kocijowsky   

I was looking to renovate my basement and was very hesitate in looking for a contractor due to the media telling horror stories of people being scammed. I spoke to a friend and they recommended Tuppen Construction.

They worked with me in regards in meeting my schedule and gave great feedback and helped me when decided what to do with my basement within a cost effective way that would benefit me.


Karol and the people at Tuppen were at our house the day after the flood to remove all of the damaged possessions and structural materials in our basement. They were friendly and professional and ALWAYS stuck to their schedules. In the end, our basement now looks better than it did before the flood. Their friendliness and attention to even the most minute detail was astonishing. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Andy (drywall), Ziggy (carpenter), and (if you need it) Andrew their furnace subcontractor were absolutely top notch. Karol, their foreman, is highly organized, has a photographic memory for numbers, and seems to be able to surmount any challenge thrown his way. I am so impressed by them all.

Paul Racher   

I contacted several contractors prior to selecting Tuppen. I only hire recommended people based on referrals from my insurance company. Tuppen came in and gave me a fair and reasonable estimate and did not gouge me and took on the project even though it was not grand scale. They also accomodated my schedule so I have no complaints. I would endorse this company for your projects and I will certainly call them again for other work that I have planned.

Rita Ch