Start a Fire Damage Restoration Project in Ontario

Fire and smoke damage is an all-too-possible reality for people, and repairing the resulting damage is easier said than done. Fire makes its effects known very clearly as it burns and scorches all kinds of materials it encounters. However, smoke damage is a lot sneakier, but the impact can last a long time.

Smoke damage occurs when fires or small accidents cause smoke to spread throughout the house, and the particles of the gas nestle inside the particles of all the materials in your house. From curtains to bedsheets, and even wooden flooring, the lingering smoke smell is hard to get rid of. However, smoke and fire damage restoration is something you should consider if there’s either been a recent fire (no matter how contained) or if smoke damage has permanently made your house smell like it’s burning.

With an in-depth assessment of weakened areas and materials in the house, our fire damage restoration and reconstruction team can create a detailed plan to address the fire-related issues in your house. We highly recommend this since living in a fire-weakened home can cause serious injuries to your family in the long-run.

Once our clients approve the plan, our team moves in to implement it and start work on it as fast as possible so that the damage is restored quickly, and you have your home back. Our workers are experienced, careful and detail-oriented, so you can be assured that our team won’t miss a single part of the plan.

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When your home has been damaged by fire, you need trusted fire and smoke damage restoration experts as quickly as possible. If your home has experienced smoke or fire damage, quick response time is imperative to minimize damage and restoration costs.

At Tuppen we provide comprehensive, professional smoke and fire damage clean up and restoration services, including services such as water damage restoration, disaster restoration, mold removal and more. If your home is disrupted by fire or smoke damage, turn to us for reliable, smoke and fire damage restoration services
you can trust.