Our Services

Tuppen Construction Limited has been providing homeowners and property insurance companies across Canada quality home renovations and repair since 1957.

Tuppen Constructions offers complete remodeling services for your home and business.

We can help you with every step of your remodeling project. As a top Ontario Contractor, we handle all types of remodeling, whether it is kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or remodeling an entire home or office.

There are specialized equipment and scientific methods involved with extracting water and drying out an area that has been affected by water damage. Water can easily ruin flooring and drywall, which can only be seen by moisture meters and infrared cameras. Tuppen Constructions technicians address the problem quickly and efficiently.

Concern about mold growth has increased as homes, schools and business owners have become better educated about the health risks of excessive mold exposure.

Mold spreads so it’s very important not disturb an area where mould is present. Tuppen Construction’s technicians will take a total assessment to pinpoint the full extent of any mould problem that has occurred and take the steps to safely remove it. We use HEPA filtration and disinfectant application to prevent future mold growth.

Fire and smoke damage restoration is the process of cleaning and restoring your home from damage caused by heat, smoke, and water.

As soon as authorities say it is safe to enter, Tuppen Construction will begin the restoration process. We have the equipment and training needed to handle your damaged structure and contents.

Winter and summer storms cause a great amount of damage and inconvenience in Ontario. That’s why Tuppen Construction’s restoration teams are certified and experienced in taking care of you promptly and professionally. We’re here to restore your home and your peace of mind no matter what the weather throws at you.

When disaster strikes our team will arrive promptly at the site and after assessing the situation, will document all contents with both digital photographs and video before moving, cleaning and storing your treasured belongings. This ensures the accuracy of the reports and that all contents are returned to their proper locations once the cleaning and restoration process is completed.